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Black Powder Guns & Accessories

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Traditions Revolver Nipples

Three per pack. Fits Pietta revolvers. [more]

Traditions 209 Quick Loaders

An all in one loader and starter. Holds three 50 grain Pyrodex pellets in one end and a projectile in the other. The top can be used as a 209 capper. [more]

Traditions Hand-knapped English Flints

5/8" English flints, the best sparking stone available, hand-knapped for a dependable shower of sparks. [more]

Traditions Universal Fast Loader

Handy container... one side holds extra patched balls or bullets. The other side will hold pre-measured amounts of black powder or Pyrodex. Contains 3 loaders per container. [more]

Traditions Wonderlube 1000 Plus™

Already lubed for quick reloads. 100% cotton patches lubed with the all natural WonderLube 1000 Plus?. Proven to reduce fouling and save loading and cleaning time. [more]

Traditions Deluxe Ball Starter

Comfortable round-handle design with solid brass short starter and full length starter rods. Conveniently screws onto your ramrod to serve as an extension/palm saver. Fits .32 to .58 cal. 10/32 threads on both ends. [more]

Traditions Retractable Nipple Pick For In-line Muzzleloaders

Brass body with push-up slide extends nipple pick at an angle to reach In-Line rifle nipples. [more]

Traditions Revolver Powder Measure

Perfectly sized for revolver chambers and small-bore rifles. Accurately measures loads from 5-45 grains. Solid Brass. [more]

Traditions Blackened Field Capper

Compact solid brass with a durable blackened finish for non-glare field use. Holds 10 No. 11 Caps. [more]

Traditions Straight Line Capper

Solid brass carries 15 No. 11 caps ready for precise dispensing. [more]

Traditions Wonder Wads
$13.49 - $15.99

100% wool wads, lubed with all natural WonderLube 1000 Plus?. Will improve performance and accuracy with revolver balls, conical bullets, and 12 gauge black powder shotguns. [more]

Traditions Bore Light

An indispensable aid for all muzzleloader shooters. Brass light drops down muzzle of any rifle or pistol .50 cal. or larger to brightly illuminate bore interior. Alkaline batteries included. [more]

Traditions 15' Cannon Fuse

Excellent for firing cannons, completely water resistant. Burn rate 1ft/30 seconds. [more]

Traditions 30" Solid Aluminum Ramrod 10/32"

Cut to desired length. [more]

Traditions Ez Clean™

A must have cleaning accessory to reduce your time cleaning. 2┬Ż" cleaning patches pre-soaked in EZ-Clean?. [more]

Traditions One Piece 209 Thunder Dome Breech Plug

To give your Traditions In-line muzzleloader a super hot, reliable ignition, install this Thunder Dome Breech plug This system works with both loose and pelletized powder. For complete 209 conversion kits see A1510 and A1512. Note: Cannot be used with Pursuit Models. [more]

Traditions Ramrod Accessory Packs

Includes the most popular and useful ramrod attachments: cleaning brush, cotton swab, ball puller, cleaning/loading jag and patch puller. [more]

Traditions Adjustable Powder Measure

Measures exact loads from 5-120 grains. Non-spill swivel spout design levels the poured propellant, on closing. Solid brass. A must for safe, accurate shooting. [more]

Traditions Composite Flask With Valve

Rugged tubular-style flask that makes sense for the serious muzzleloading hunter. Body unscrews from dispenser cap for filling. Valve dispenser with spout for black powder or Pyrodex. [more]

Traditions Hunter Powder Measure

Measures exact loads from 5-120 grains. Solid brass. [more]

Traditions Xtp™

Jacket hollow point. Gives you the best of both worlds. Combining the performance of a pistol bullet with the challenge of muzzleloader hunting. [more]

Traditions 209 Thunder Dome Breech Plug

To give your Traditions In-line muzzleloader a super hot, reliable ignition, install this Thunder Dome Breech plug and one of our Thunder Nipples. This system works with both loose and pelletized powder. For complete 209 conversion kits see A1510 and A1512. Note: This part cannot be used with… [more]

Traditions Double Side Universal Wrench

Dual sided so no matter which Traditions Breech plug you have you will have the right wrench. On one end you find a dual slotted wrench, on the other our popular hex style wrench. No more trying to remember what breech plug you have. [more]

Traditions Flintlock Pan Primer

Compact flask dispenses 3 grains of 4f priming powder from spring activated spout. Lanyard hole for easy carrying. [more]

Traditions Smackdown Sst Bullets

Muzzleloader bullet polymer tip. Propretary yellow spire point polymer tip. Tapered copper jacket interlocked with lead core for controlled expansion. The Super Shocked Tip bullet was designed specifically by Hornady to perform under muzzleloading velocities. [more]

Traditions Possibles Bag Belt Pouch

Made out of quiet cloth in Reaper Buck camo pattern. Wide belt loops to fit any belt. Easy-close flap with snap. Includes inside pockets for different accessories. [more]

Traditions Stainless Steel In-line Breech Plug

Replacement breech plug for Traditions In-Line Muzzleloaders and pistols, Lightning? and Buckhunter? Series. Accepts nipples with M6X1 threads. Not for use with Thunder? nipples. [more]

Traditions Universal Breech Plug & Nipple Wrench

A steel wrench that will remove 209, musket & #11 nipples plus the breech plug from Traditions' In-Line muzzleloaders. Steel handle included. This wrench replaces the discontinued A1356. [more]

Traditions 209 Primer Capper - Brass

Designed to hold 12 209 primers. Easy to use, just squeeze lanyard loop to remove from body, load primers, and replace lanyard loop. Can be used with most In-Line muzzleloaders. [more]

Traditions Accelerator Breech Plug

A unique knurled head requires no tools for easy removal in just 3 full rotations. It incorporates a built in 209 holder. New flat face and heavy duty O-ring provide reliable ignition and reduced blow back. Note: Accelerator Breech Plug is available only in Pursuit II models and cannot be… [more]

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