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Concealed Weapons Course

Discount Firearms and Ammo's NRA and PILB instructors have extensive military, law enforcement and security experience. They can instruct and qualify you for a concealed weapons permit (CCW) or PILB "White Card" qualification for armed security personnel.


We offer this all-day course every Saturday unless posted.  Arrive at 8:45am for a full day of training, which will prepare you to carry a concealed firearm in Nevada.  The all-inclusive cost of the course is $49 and includes thirty (30) rounds of .380/9mm/.40/.45ACP ammunition for qualification with your firearm on our indoor shooting range.  If you don't have a firearm, we will provide a .22LR pistol or revolver with ammunition for qualification.  Reservations recommended.

The State of Nevada requires CCW holders to renew their qualification five years from the date of issuance or the last renewal. Renewing participants are required to complete the 8-hour course and range qualification, but they are exempt from taking the written examination.

The Nevada CCW (for residents) is recognized by reciprocity or honored in the following states:

Alaska Indiana Minnesota Oklahoma
Arkansas Kansas Missouri South Dakota
Arizona Kentucky Montana Tennessee
Idaho Nebraska Nebraska Texas
Iowa Michigan North Carolina Vermont


Discount Firearms and Ammo regularly offers a separate course for the Utah CCW. The cost of the course is $50 and includes qualifications with a pistol and/or revolver on our indoor shooting range.

The Utah CCW is recognized by reciprocity or honored in the following states:

Alabama Iowa North Carolina Vermont
Alaska Kentucky North Dakota Virginia
Arizona Louisiana Ohio Washington
Arkansas Minnesota Oklahoma West Virginia
Delaware Mississippi Pennsylvania Wisconsin
Georgia Missouri South Dakota Wyoming
Idaho Montana Tennessee
Indiana Nebraska Texas


Receive individualized firearms instruction on the range or in our classroom. Our instructors can help you improve your shooting skills or learn how to maintain your firearm. Receive 30 minutes of individualized instruction for $30 or one hour for $50.


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