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Las Vegas Machine Gun Rental! State-Of-The-Art Indoor Firing Range

Machine guns are exploding onto the Vegas scene. There are more people enjoying the thrill of firing a machine gun than ever before. Not only have most people never held a machine gun, they have no clue how to react when they shoot a machine gun in Las Vegas for the first time. Basically put, people love it! 

Discount Firearms offers the machine gun rentals that include; Uzis, AK 47s m2 Carbines and more.  We offer a discount gun store and a 14 lane computer operated indoor firing range that you will be sure to tell all your friends about. Go the extra mile and film yourself shooting a machine gun in Vegas and put it on YouTube for all of your friends and family to watch.

We’ll give you free eye and ear protection to use in the lane. We are extremely close to the strip and have an amazing indoor range where you can breathe easy knowing that our state-of-the-art  ventilation system replenishes the entire air supply of the range every 85 seconds, so you can fire and breathe easily. Proper ventilation is incredibly important, which is why Discount Firearms is a great place to stop and shoot off a few rounds!

25 yards in length, the feds used our range for firearm training because we offer a professional atmosphere and up-to-date range. NRA guidelines are followed by every visitor and staff member to ensure the safety of everyone in the facility.

Machine Gun Rental options include:
V53 (HK53)
And more!

Our staff is all excellently trained to ensure that you have a safe and exhilarating experience at our gun range. If you have been looking to experience something new, than you have come to the right place. Our CCW are renown in the Vegas area for being quick and excellent classes that are affordable and fun.

With our excellent facility, professional staff, and state-of-the-art firing range you should have the time of your life enjoying our facilities on your next trip to Vegas. Locals are very welcome too! If you shoot a machine gun in Las Vegas, you can be glad you did it with us at Discount Firearms.


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